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Hello, I am Diana Robbins! I am a breeder of the world's finest Cotons de Tuléar, and owner of Robbins' Nest Cotons, located in beautiful Roswell, Georgia.

To keep myself busy and happy during an active retirement, I decided to bring a small female dog into our family and occasionally, when we weren’t traveling or entertaining kids and grandkids, have a litter of puppies. We researched breeds for over a year before determining that the Coton de Tuléar had all the characteristics we were looking for and more! That's when we found our sweet Camille from Salmon Creek Cotons. As luck would have it, we found another puppy at the same time, Mathilde from Lake Superior Cotons, and couldn't resist her charm.


As many of you are aware, when it comes to Cotons, it's hard to stop at just one!


Meet The Original Team

Camille at 10 weeks

Mathilde at 11 weeks

Wait, who's this??

Any good breeder will tell you about all the joys of raising puppies, from the anticipation of the birth, to meeting the pups for the first time, seeing their eyes open, and watching their personalities develop over the first few weeks. Such joy!

Eventually, it comes time to say good-bye. Although there is no better feeling than seeing our darlings begin their lives in their new loving homes, given the chance we would keep every last one.

Fortunately, we have had that chance! We have been blessed to watch our little family grow, and to have the opportunity to raise two little girls, one from Cami and one from Mati...



Born February 27, 2016

from Mati's first litter


Born February 13, 2017 from Cami's third litter

Me again!

Who can forget Bella?

She's everyone's mom!

Thanks for looking!


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